What if buying locally was easier?

Order groceries through Vicinity and enjoy them the next day. The best part? Vicinity prioritizes local suppliers so your produce stays fresher for longer and you can feel good about supporting our local economy.

Launching first in the Fingal area of Ireland. Join the wait list today for early access.

how it works

Buy items produced locally

Navigate your grocery shop via category or social and environmental values. When it can't be found locally, we also source items, such as toothpaste or spices, from the nearest possible supplier who operates in compliance with our ethical and sustainability standards

Next-day delivery at a time & location that works for you

Or add your neighbours to the app and we’ll deliver your order to them instead

Watch your local vicinity thrive

Positively impact the triple bottom line of our local economy

Align your purchasing power with your values


A community’s level of social well-being and civic participation is directly related to the share of its economy held by local businesses.


Conventional food distribution is responsible for 5 to 17 times more CO2 than local and regionally produced food.


Local business generates 70 percent more local economic activity per square foot than large retailers.

Become a Vicinity supplier

Are you a sustainable producer of grocery products?
Would you like to connect with your local communities?

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